links to other places on the net that I (Michael R Head/Mike Head/burner) am related to in some way:

My current resume. [pdf]
My professional web site, which includes my list of publications.
Project Ideas
My brainstorming wiki page for new (Open Source, of course) projects to undertake
Research Ideas
My brainstorming wiki page for research projects to undertake
SubFireWiki User:MichaelHead
Clearing house of links about me in various social networking sites among other places
A short document describing how to deal with the TNEF and TIFF files generated by the Microsoft Office Document Scanning tools.
An older web site I created while I was living on CoRE
Beers I've brewed since August 2004.
My bio page relating to my involvment in the zclipse.org project
"Personal info for burner" -- My OpenSource-related bio/diary
My Livejournal -- not much to speak of there
New technology center mixes business with Linux
An article about the Binghamton University Linux Technology Center. I am featured (and heavily quoted) as the first student involved in the program -- I worked on a GTK/autotools/Linux/GPIB/... project for a local company in early 2006.
google search for me
That is the current best way to google search for me ("Michael R Head") because that's in almost all my web pages and emails. suppressingfire is another good keyword.
I attempt to make fun of people that ask for advice about boys because they think that boys suck -- my friend's band happens to be called "Boys Suck", and so he runs the website BoysSuck.com
JaCoB is a simple community board that Todd and I set up several years ago and is still running strong
Various online pictures albums.
Source Completion - a test project I started back in 2000 when I wanted to create my own IDE (this would have been the symbol completion store).
Source Completion - The paper I was writing concurrently with the work above.
Software Agents - some work that I did summer 1998. I was a “summer hire” at AFRL at Hanscom AFB in Rome, NY.
Source to some servlets I've played with
Just some Perl stuff I've done. Very simple stuff (AKA junk).
Get A File project that I had worked on with Tom Jahn -- it was supposed to be a Java download agent. I've copy/pasted the Download.download() method many a time since...
Some .jsps that I've been working on.
Some applets that I've been working on.
Some other work I've done for an English class
My original web site
Another little thing I wrote once. It is, in a sense, a CGI-based dynamic DNS alternative (it stores a mapping of names to numeric IP addresses and creates a page of URLs when those names are looked up).
Information on how to access the CVS system on this (www.suppressingfire.org) computer
Information on how to access the mail services on this (www.suppressingfire.org) computer
Statistics (updated nightly) about all projects in the local repository </cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi>. Queries based on commits are also available </cgi-bin/query.cgi>
A list of things to do in Binghamton, specifically where to eat.

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